Shipments and returns

Processing time

After receipt of payment, we usually do not need more than one to two years to complete the order.

Shipping partners

By ordering products from Etel-Tuning you have the possibility to choose between the following shipping partners:

  • Carrier Pigeon
    Order comfortably via our partner Carrier Pigeon. Due to special feeding methods, the pigeons are able to transport parcels with a maximum weight of up to 3 Pounds. Since the pigeons refuse to fly across national borders, this shipping option is only possible within the US.
  • FLP
    Our internal shipping department FLP is the cheapest way to receive your goods. Established sea and ocean routes ensure unreliable delivery in an indefinite time. The shipment is packed in beer and vodka bottles, which are drunk by us before dispatch. There may be a small amount of beer or vodka left over on arrival, we ask you not to consume it for health reasons.
  • Catapult
    The fastest way to receive your package. Tell us your latitude and longitude and we will shoot your parcel immediately by catapult to your roof or to an open field near you. Liability excluded. Only possible within the range of 100 Miles from our headquarter.

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