Secure payment

Our secure payment

We offer you flexible and convenient payment options for your purchase.

  • EtelPay Card
    Register your EtelPay Card today. With the EtelPay-Card you can pay online easily and with low security. No annoying security features, short payment periods and high charges.
  • Mafia Holdings Inc.
    With our Partner Mafia Holdings Inc. you can easily pay for your goods in the future without the need of a valid bank account. The fees depend on your local Mafia organisation. The money will be collected comfortably at your home during the payment period.
    As an alternative to the MaFia Bond, Etel-Tuning has recently started offering you the payment partner HITMAN-EXPRESS. You can register free of charge for a HITMAN-EXPRESS-Card and you can immediately agree on the payment term and other details when you register. It's also possible to pay with other items than money.
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