GPS Irrigator Navigation System

GPS Irrigator Navigation System

Waste time in the car on purpose with the GPS Irrigator Navigation System from Etel-Tuning


There are events we all want to avoid like a visit to your in-laws and right then all roads are free.

The Irrigator 2460 navigation device from Etel-Tuning was specially developed to drive purposefully from traffic jam to traffic jam. The navigation device also offers other time-wasting functions. With the "Random Route" function, the navigation device calculates random routes to help you stretch the time in the car to the maximum. If no current traffic jams can be found, the two options "Go Offroad" and "Disturb Satellites" offer you the possibility of going off the road or causing your own traffic jams by jamming the GPS satellites for other road users.

In addition, an option has been activated in the last software update especially for truck drivers to easily find roads that are unsuitable for trucks and cause miles of traffic jams behind them in the shortest possible time.

More functions:

Bluetooth - Everything is better with Bluetooth

Long lasting battery

Update function for maps that removes important roads to waste even more time

Automatic switching between day/night mode (night mode is so bright that it blinds the driver, day mode is so dark that the driver hardly recognizes the display)

Integrated calendar with public holidays (incl. neighbouring countries)

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